Q-Tip Has Fallen, But Is ‘Gettin’ Up’

Photo: Getty Images

1. Q-Tip, “Gettin’ Up”
The song sounds like it’s about picking up a girl at a club, but at Tip’s age, it could mean any number of things. [ href=”http://somuchsilence.com/?p=1221”>So Much Silence]

2. Annie, “Songs Remind Me of You”
On this new Annie track, she abandons all modesty when she says “the music sounds good,” but at this point, she’s earned some bragging rights. [Pitchfork]

3. Black Kids, “No Substitute Love” (Estelle cover)
Black Kids appear on live TV in England and do this fun cover of an Estelle song. Perhaps if she comes over to the States, they can show her around; after all, she’s never been to Brooklyn and would like to see what’s good. [Funeral Pudding]

4. Smashing Pumpkins, “Wasted Years” (Iron Maiden cover)
Speaking of wasted years, Smashing Pumpkins cover Iron Maiden at a recent show in Germany and manage to neatly summarize about a decade of our misspent youth. [Musical Justice]

5. Lightspeed Champion, “Star Wars Medley”
The prequels would’ve been so much better if Devonte Hynes (a.k.a. Lightspeed Champion) had been able to rock them out a bit. [Hypeful] —Ehren Gresehover

Q-Tip Has Fallen, But Is ‘Gettin’ Up’