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Ron Weasley to Play Someone Other Than Ron Weasley

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Grint Plants a Bomb: Ron Weasley — er, Rupert Grint — will star in Cherrybomb, the story of two friends whose furious competition for a sexy yet manipulative girl has tragic consequences. No word on what kind of tragedy, but as it’s set in violence-ridden Belfast, our best guess is … a love potion gone awry? [Variety]

Four Make a Run for it: Building on his subtle performance in Stealth, Sam Shepard has joined the organ-transplant thriller Run for Her Life, along with Rosanna Arquette, Jordi Molla, and Vincent Perez. Shepard will play a D.A. whose illegal heart transplant convinces a couple to get one for their daughter, while Arquette will play a pediatrician. We don’t yet know who’ll play the person who wakes up in the icy bathtub with no kidneys, BUT IT COULD BE YOU SO WATCH OUT AND FWD THIS STORY TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. [HR]

Marvel, Merritt, LaBute Announced for MCC: Elizabeth Marvel, just finished wowing in Top Girls, will star in the premiere of Michael Weller’s relationship drama Fifty Words as part of MCC’s new season. Also announced: Stephin Merritt and David Greenspan’s musical of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline (excitingly) and a new Neil LaBute play (unsurprisingly). [Variety]

Going Hollywood Going New York?: It’s only been twenty years since this musical went into development, but Going Hollywood, based on Kaufman and Hart’s 1930 comedy Once in a Lifetime, might finally open in 2010 at San Diego’s Old Globe theater, the same pre-Broadway jumping-off point as The Full Monty and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Tony winner Jerry Mitchell is attached to direct. Sometimes it takes twenty years to make something absolutely perfect, like Indy 4. [Playbill]

Warners Goes on a Quest: Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to Elfquest, Wendy and Richard Pini’s comic about, well, “elves” and their “quest” to reunite with their friends while surviving attacks from humans and trolls. Judging by the Elfquest costumes we’ve seen at Comic-Con in the past, we suspect Halloween 2010 is going to be a good night for nerds. [HR]

Ron Weasley to Play Someone Other Than Ron Weasley