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‘Space Chimps’: the ‘Times’ Takes a Courageous Stand

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Hidden away in today’s Times arts coverage, deep in the section behind Manohla Dargis’s review of The Dark Knight (“Goes darker and deeper than any Hollywood movie of its comic-book kind”) and A.O. Scott’s review of Mamma Mia! (“You can have a perfectly nice time watching this … and, once the hangover wears off, acknowledge just how bad it is”), is the best lede we’ve read in the Times in a long time:

Journalism is all about having the courage to write the truth even if it will get you mocked by your relatives and co-workers, so here goes: “Space Chimps” is hilarious.

We still don’t want to see Space Chimps, but we do want to see Neil Genzlinger write more movie reviews!

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‘Space Chimps’: the ‘Times’ Takes a Courageous Stand