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Spike Lee Is Feeling ‘Strange’

Photos: Getty Images, Michal Daniel

It’s Spike and Stew: Way back in June 2007, Spike Lee took in a performance of Passing Strange — the first play he’d seen in years. Now he’ll film three performances of the critically acclaimed yet financially unacclaimed musical, in the hopes that an edited cut could ultimately air on a cable network and bump ticket sales. In response, a disgruntled Clint Eastwood announced he’ll be attending all three tapings and will boo loudly throughout. [Variety]

It’s Ozzy and Sharon: Fox has ordered an hour-long variety show hosted by Ozzy, Sharon, Jack, and Kelly Osbourne that will blend family musical performances with comedy sketches, a game show, audience participation, and taped elements. Camp can only take you so far, Ozzy, so you better have some bitchin’ guests. [Variety]

De Niro Minds His Flock: Robert De Niro is considering making two sequels to the CIA spy drama The Good Shepherd, one set in 1989, and one that traces the life of Edward Wilson (Matt Damon’s character) up to the present. Bobby D: we know you’re feeling a little sad and nostalgic because apparently no one likes What Just Happened, but salvation lies with Scorsese and not with these sequels. [Variety]

Senator Sleeps With the Enemy: Senator Entertainment will distribute the two-part French crime biopic Public Enemy No. 1 in America. It’s always fun to watch other countries’ versions of Goodfellas (see: City of God), so get excited for the true story of French criminal Jacques Mesrine (played by Vincent Cassel), who “robbed, kidnapped, murdered and screwed his way around Canada, the U.S. and France during the sixties and seventies.” And because it’s French, you can also get excited for the lazy casting of Gerard Depardieu. [HR]

Keith and Milicevic Swim with the Dolphins: David Keith and Ivana Milicevic — best known for CBS’s The Class and being really hot, respectively — will star in the indie drama Way of the Dolphin. We’ll let’s plot keywords make fun of this movie in the most succinct way possible: “Father Daughter Relationship,” “Swimming,” “Swim,” “Animal Human Communication,” “Dolphin.” [HR]

Spike Lee Is Feeling ‘Strange’