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What the Hell Is Tori Amos Talking About?

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“Sometimes things like this can happen because there are other things that are happening, explosive things that take people’s attention away from, maybe, the lioness sneaking off in the night with the cubs over the Serengeti and the hunters got involved with a stampede of wildebeests, and so you think, this lioness, now is the time to take the cubs, we have to go into the wide open, we have to, and we have to trust that maybe there will be some British tourists that distract the American hunters.” Tori Amos, answering a question about her former record label [PopMatters]

“I kind of wanted to almost reconstruct the foundation of the band. I wasn’t happy with the way the band drifted into obscurity toward the end of the ‘90s.” Mick Jones, who believes Foreigner didn’t drift toward obscurity until the end of the nineties [AP via Yahoo]

“Chris had a Border collie when we started and I had a half-Border collie, and I always thought of Mulder like a Border collie. He needed a job, so when you see him at first, he’s like a Border collie who’s a lapdog.” David Duchovny on Fox Mulder [AP via Yahoo]

“They told me I’m not actually that convincing when I’m running. Brad tells me that he really had to edit the hell out of the scene with me running away in the snow, because I look so bad.” Emily Mortimer, on her action-star debut in the upcoming film Transsiberian [PR-Inside]

“If you see him just go up to him and give him a big hug. He’s a BIG hugger.” Rainn Wilson on Michael Bay [Movies Blog/MTV]

What the Hell Is Tori Amos Talking About?