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What’s the Secret ‘Hancock’ Plot Twist?

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For us, the biggest surprise of Will Smith’s drunk-superhero movie, Hancock, may yet be that it’s not as terrible as we expected from the trailer and early reviews — Manohla Dargis liked it (“Hancock makes for one unexpectedly satisfying and kinky addition to Hollywood’s superhero chronicles”) and David Denby claims it’s “by far the most enjoyable big movie of the summer.” But apparently there’s some shocking plot twist midway through the movie involving Charlize Theron’s character (she plays the wife of Jason Bateman, the publicist who tries to rehabilitate Hancock’s public image) that’s so surprising, says Manohla, “I heard several grown men loudly gasp” (practically all reviews make reference to said twist, and most agree that it doesn’t make any sense). So what the hell is it? Our guesses, after the jump!

• In a display of astonishing unprofessionalism, Theron steps out of character and chastises Will Smith for nearly derailing her career in The Legend of Bagger Vance.

• She hacked into Jason Bateman’s e-mail, and it turns out there actually will be an Arrested Development movie.

• She’s really a tree!

If you want to know what actually happens, check out this months-old review at Ain’t It Cool News. The critics are right — it doesn’t make any sense!

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What’s the Secret ‘Hancock’ Plot Twist?