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Zack Snyder on ‘Watchmen’: My Comic-Book Movie Will Kick Your Comic-Book Movie’s Ass

Today’s EW cover story on Watchmen provides plenty of goodies for those who, like us, are totally geeked out for next summer’s superhero extravaganza. Photos of Silk Spectre! Grousing from Alan Moore! Funny quotes from Dr. Manhattan! But it also provides plenty of ammo for those who think that director Zack Snyder is a little, if you will, overly impressed with himself. It’s hard to pick out our favorite Zack Snyder moment, so let’s just reprint them all, after the jump.

Snyder on how Watchmen might kill superhero movies:

”In my movie, Superman doesn’t care about humanity, Batman can’t get it up, and the bad guy wants world peace,” Snyder says with a smirk. ”Will Watchmen be the end of superhero movies? Probably not. But it sure will kick them in the gut.”

Snyder on the superhero genre in general:

“They have a chance to support something that I think legitimizes the superhero-movie genre for everyone who says superhero movies are stupid, popcorn bulls—,” he says. ”Hopefully, Watchmen can get in their faces and change their minds.”

Snyder slags on a Marvel character, making Watchmen’s DC overlords happy:

”The average movie audience has seen so many superhero movies,” he says. ”And some of this stuff is hard to take seriously. I mean, The Hulk? Come on.”

And then the DC overlords read this:

Snyder remembers screening some Watchmen footage for an unnamed studio executive. Afterward, Snyder says, the exec turned to him and said, ”This makes Superman look stupid.”

’Watchmen’: An Exclusive First Look [EW]

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Zack Snyder on ‘Watchmen’: My Comic-Book Movie Will Kick Your Comic-Book Movie’s Ass