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ABC Declares New Official Holiday: ‘National Stay at Home Week’

Photo-illustration: istockphoto, Courtesy of ABC

Reader, stop everything! E-mail your boss right now and ask for the entire week of September 21 off. ABC just announced that it’s “National Stay at Home Week”! That’s right, don’t even think about going to the office that week in September, since the network is urging you “to conserve gas by staying indoors,” which in these troubled times seems like a pretty good idea. (As bloggers, we stay home all the time!) And what a great week they’ve picked for our new national holiday, which presumably will be ratified by Congress and signed into law by President Bush any day now — The Office premieres on September 25! Plus, Rock Band 2 comes out the previous week, and by then we’ll probably be well on our way to becoming the next Chris Chike.

Thanks, ABC! Whatever inspired such a generous gift? “It’s a fun way to package and present our premiere week and make it uniquely ABC as well,” says ABC marketing executive Mike Benson. Um, “uniquely ABC,” huh? So when you say “Stay at Home,” you mean “Stay at Home and Watch the ’David Blaine Special’? Sigh. Maybe next time be a little more specific? —Lori Fradkin

ABC says ‘Stay home, save gas’ [Variety]

ABC Declares New Official Holiday: ‘National Stay at Home Week’