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Alec Baldwin Explains Why ‘30 Rock’ Deserved Its Peabody

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“The networks, we don’t have that luxury. You can’t go blue. You’ve got to keep it clean. That’s harder to do. The fact that we have a smart show with nothing that caustic or harsh is a miracle. To talk about what I want to do to Condoleezza Rice sexually without saying something really, really anatomical — that takes a lot of doing.” Alec Baldwin [Envelope/LAT]

“I like Kim’s. Kim’s Music and Video, in New York. It’s fun to go to — all the musicians get insulted by the staff. Pretty entertaining.” Albert Hammond, Jr. doesn’t realize that everybody gets insulted by the staff at Kim’s [Pitchfork]

“How is Soulja Boy killing hip-hop? He had one of the biggest songs of the summer. If anything, he’s helping keep it alive. You don’t have to be Lil Wayne in order for people to say your shit is fresh.” Kanye West [MTV]

“You see the guy pull out a Thomas Pynchon book and you say, ‘Is he pulling this out so we have this perception of him?’ Then you realize he’s actually reading it.” David Gordon Green on James Franco [LAT]

“A couple of weeks ago we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I enjoyed that so much. The old guy wins.” John McCain [EW]

Alec Baldwin Explains Why ‘30 Rock’ Deserved Its Peabody