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Are ‘Mad Men’ Advice Blogs Over?

Courtesy of AMC

There was a time (yesterday at 1:30 p.m., to be specific) when hilarious advice-giving blogs written from the perspectives of various Mad Men characters still seemed fresh and exciting. Of course, this was way back when What Would Don Draper Do? and What Would Joan Holloway Do? had only just debuted and What Would Pete Campbell Do? and What Would Roger Sterling Do? were still but a couple of unregistered Tumblr domain names. As recently as an hour ago, we were still pretty amused by this whole thing, but then we found out about What Would the Disappointed Mohawk Air Exec Do? and it sort of killed it for us. What Would the Drapers’ Dog Do? might still be funny, though, if anybody has it in him.

What Would The Disappointed Mohawk Air Exec Do? [Tumblr via Listani Quarterly]

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Are ‘Mad Men’ Advice Blogs Over?