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Are You Ready for ‘Happiness 2’?

Courtesy of Good Machine

On the long list of movies we never in a million years thought we’d ever see sequels to, Todd Solondz’s Happiness was surely somewhere near the top — until today! Variety reports that new indie production company Werc Werk Works is financing Solondz’s “part-sequel, part-companion piece” to the 1998 pedophile comedy. Like the original, Happiness 2 (our title) will be told through a “series of intersecting love stories” about a “group of individuals, struggling to find a place for themselves in an unpredictable and volatile world.”

The movie has apparently been kicking around for years, and the cast is thought to include Emma Thompson, Demi Moore, and Paul Reubens (so we guess there will be more masturbating in this one). The original got an NC-17 rating for its scenes of implied child molestation, but following the success of The Dark Knight, we’d imagine Solondz will probably try to make the sequel dark.

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Are You Ready for ‘Happiness 2’?