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‘Che’ Trailer Promises We’ll See This Movie ‘Proximamente’

Tagline: “Mas alla del mito habla un hombre.”

“Beyond the myth, a man speaks,” someday.

The Verdict: Though Steven Soderbergh’s four-hour epic, which won the Best Actor prize at Cannes for Benecio del Toro, still awaits a distribution deal, hope appears on the horizon — or on YouTube, where an unsubtitled trailer has appeared for the Spanish-language film. Thanks to some bad sound and the fact that we took French in high school, we don’t really know what anyone’s saying, but it sure looks pretty gorgeous — even if the multiple shots of dudes marching through fields suggest a slightly more meditative pace than we like in our four-hour epics. (Soderbergh has reportedly rejected an offer that would require him to cut an hour.) Will it headline the New York Film Festival? Will it ever get U.S. release? All the trailer offers is a mysterious Proximamente.

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‘Che’ Trailer Promises We’ll See This Movie ‘Proximamente’