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‘Fireproof’ Trailer: Kirk Cameron Catches a Backdraft

Tagline: “Marriage isn’t fireproof — sometimes you get burned.”

Translation: That’s not simply a metaphor. Sometimes you get burned by actual fireballs.

The Verdict This trailer for the latest production from the “movie-making ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church” has been on YouTube since March, though it was only discovered by the secular blogosphere in the past day or so. In the film, level-headed thespian Kirk Cameron plays a fireman living in what’s apparently the most dangerous small town in the world. Because he’s always away tending to five-alarm blazes and pushing cars out of paths of oncoming trains, his once-wonderful marriage is now in shambles. (Also, he has a southern accent, but only sometimes.) Presumably, finding a relationship with Jesus saves the day, but wouldn’t moving to a city less prone to huge fiery explosions have been equally effective?

Fireproof Movie Trailer (Starring Kirk Cameron Saving Marriages) [/Film]

‘Fireproof’ Trailer: Kirk Cameron Catches a Backdraft