Gosh, We Hope We Love ‘Gavin & Stacey’ As Much As Our Friends Tell Us We Will

Courtesy of BBC America

This morning we read the glowing Times review of BBC import Gavin & Stacey — “the most endearing comedy about love to come to television since the Manolos were packed up and put away” — and felt our interest piqued. Hmmm … this has potential, we thought. We glanced shyly at the L.A. Times for further assurance and found G&S called “a gem of a show.” The more we read about this award-winning British sitcom — about two twentysomethings who “have spoken on the phone for six months when they consent to a blind date” — the more excited we got about a program we’d not yet previewed. Sure, we’ve had dalliances with a lot of television comedies before, but you never know — could this be the one?

Needless to say, we did the obligatory Facebook research. Even the main characters’ friends seemed like people we’d want to spend time with, like Smithy, who the New York Times says “fears that Gavin may soon renege on their commitment to sample and rate every beer in the world.” Yes, the show sounded like something we might actually stick with for the long haul, and by noon, we were cursing ourselves for not setting the TiVo and having trouble concentrating on insignificant things like the Democratic convention. Now the anticipation is absolutely killing us. Soon we’ll find out if Gavin & Stacey is truly as wonderful as we imagine. (We haven’t even picked out an outfit for tonight! We’re thinking sweatpants and a T-shirt.)

But what if, what if it’s not perfect? What if it’s … boring? How did the title duo wait six whole months to find out if they were meant to be? We’re going crazy after, like, five hours.

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Gosh, We Hope We Love ‘Gavin & Stacey’ As Much As Our Friends Tell Us We Will