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James Franco Is Living the Dream

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“Who would have thought I’d play a Spicoli-like character and then make out with Spicoli in the same year?” James Franco on his roles in Pineapple Express and Milk [USAT]

“They actually offered it to me first, but I was doing 12 days on a Jackie Collins mini-series, and I had to turn it down because they wouldn’t let me out of my contract. It was the best script I’ve ever read, the cherriest role I’ve ever read. The worst actor in the world could have taken that role and walked away a movie star. It breaks my heart.” Grant Show on having to turn down Brad Pitt’s role in Thelma and Louise [NYT]

“I was into some trash. It wasn’t even prestigious trash, like the taste that Tarantino has. I mean trash.” David Gordon Green on the movies that inspired his work on Pineapple Express [NYT]

“I don’t embarrass easily, but we went to a restaurant, and I like to sit with my back to the restaurant. We got there, and she sat in that chair, so my wife told her, ‘Daddy likes to sit in that chair.’ She gave this look and said, ‘Oh, Daddy, you’re not that famous.’” Randy Newman [LAT]

“Seriously — I’m boring. I like red wine. I’m a wannabe camera geek in my personal life. I haven’t had enough trigger time on Halo 3.” Brendan Fraser [Guardian]

“I remember having this really straight meeting at Disney about who was going to finish the score when Hans got killed.” Hans Zimmer on his plans to go to South Africa to record the choirs for the Lion King soundtrack [EW]

James Franco Is Living the Dream