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J.J. Abrams’s Next TV Show to Feature Crazy Pig With Monkey Face

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“Oh, every day there’s something. Yesterday somebody sent me a picture of this crazy pig with a monkey face. So, yeah, there’s always something.” J.J. Abrams on where he gets his science ideas [Popular Science/PopSci]

“Imagine Don McLean growing up in Cleveland in the ‘70s and if he was black, with a little bit of Cat Stevens twisted into his words and a little bit of Richie Havens — that’s the thought behind it.” Terrence Howard on his new album, Shine Through It [Reuters via Yahoo]

“I was a little nervous at first, to be honest with you. With the subject matter and singing, ‘You make cash giving head, and you use it to buy Sudafed,’ did I really want my young fans hearing me say that?”Kristin Chenoweth on her appearance in the upcoming musical spoof of Intervention about a gay man with a crystal-meth addiction [E!]

“They’re in the same vocal area. I just apply the baritone. Eeyore requires a lot more air; he’s actually deeper in another way. It’s a chest resonance more than anything else. He never yells, and he doesn’t laugh. Neither one of them laughs. Optimus doesn’t laugh. They chuckle, but they don’t laugh.” —Voice-over actor Peter Cullen on the similarities between Optimus Prime and Eeyore [Ain’t It Cool News]

“[M. Night Shyamalan] gave me the worst advice he could have ever given me. He said, ‘After [The Happening], you can never hold a gun again. You know that, right?’ I said, ‘Are you crazy?’ He said, ‘I’m serious, don’t ever hold a gun again.’ And I said, ‘I don’t know about that, man.’” Mark Wahlberg prepares to fill the rest of his career with roles that involve guns [Movies Blog/MTV]

J.J. Abrams’s Next TV Show to Feature Crazy Pig With Monkey Face