Joanna Newsom Cuts Through the Noise

Photo: Getty Images

1. Joanna Newsom, “Heart to Task”

Though she sings about water that’s “sweet and clear” on this work-in-progress, the quality of this recording really isn’t. Still, we can hear enough of this slightly tango-flavored track to know that we want to hear more. [No Words]

2. I’m From Barcelona, “Music Killed Me”
On this new song from the decidedly non-Spaniards of IFB, singer Emanuel Lundgren sings “you have to take some chances I suppose.” And they do, turning in a rare downbeat track that works extremely well. [Band Website]

3. The Juan MacLean, “The Simple Life (Marcus Worgull Remix)”
On this recently released B-side, MacLean coaxes a sweet melody out of a giant electronic soup. [Pitchfork]

4. Cause Co-motion!, “I Lie Awake”
This kicky new track from these obnoxiously hyphenated Brooklynites’ upcoming full-length will probably have us lying awake waiting for the rest of it to leak. [Pitchfork]

5. Elbow, “Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver”
This live version of the track from Elbow’s most recent record is somehow even sadder than its studio counterpart. No wonder there are so many tower-crane accidents. [So Much Silence] —Ehren Gresehover

Joanna Newsom Cuts Through the Noise