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Jonas Brothers Coyly Decline to Endorse a Candidate

Bogue: I’m glad they’re so concerned about the state of our country.
Kois: It’ll be their country soon enough!Photo: AP

In a visit to their future home, the White House, yesterday, the Jonas Brothers were busy: signing the wall of that former swimming pool where celebrities sign their names, attending a meeting on diabetes, meeting Dick Cheney’s (presumably weeping) granddaughters. They also demurred from endorsing any presidential candidate … for now.

Surely aware that any endorsement would result in a landslide victory for the candidate in question — as tween girls lock their mothers in the basement and take their places at America’s polling stations — the brothers are content to wait until a few weeks before the election, by which time their endorsement will surely be worth a Cabinet position at least. But be careful, candidates: A Jonas appointment as secretary of Defense just means the Jonases will finally have the standing army they’ve long coveted, and soon you’ll be out of a job.

Jonas Brothers drop in on White House press corps [CNN]

Jonas Brothers Coyly Decline to Endorse a Candidate