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Lego Miniman Turns 30; Childhood Officially Dead

Mr. and Ms. Miniman dressed up for their 30th birthday party. The Village People also attended.Photo: Jed Egan

Happy 30th birthday to the Lego Miniman, who enters a fourth decade of being accidentally swallowed, lost in the back seat, and stepped on by an irate, barefoot adult. We hadn’t played with Legos in years before the fine people at Lego sent us this 30th Anniversary press kit, but we don’t remember the little dudes having so many wardrobe options. Today’s Miniman can go from the construction site to the ballroom with a mere switch of the head. As for the Mini Ms., she may be 30, but she’s still working it. Or at least trying to, with an unfortunate pair of pink glittery hot pants. Plus cleavage! It’s not as dramatic a change as the new, “improved” Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears, but it still hurts. After the jump, a video celebrating Miniman’s important role through these turbulent decades.

Go Miniman Go [Lego]

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Lego Miniman Turns 30; Childhood Officially Dead