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‘Mad Men’ Twitter Wars End Peacefully

Photo-illustration: Everett Bogue
Photos: istockphoto, Courtesy of AMC

For the past few days, fans of AMC’s Mad Men have been enjoying frequent updates from Twitter accounts in the voices of the show’s characters — Don Draper, Peggy Olson, Roger Sterling, and Pete Campbell among them. Like the What Would Don Draper Do? blog before them, the Twitter accounts were unauthorized little fan bombs that detonated under AMC’s radar. But when AMC found out about them yesterday, they filed DMCA complaints with Twitter, which suspended many of the accounts, and sent the Web into a predictable but not unwarranted frenzy about how dumb AMC was for crapping on its show’s passionate fans.

Cooler heads have prevailed, however, as AMC’s Web-marketing group knocked some skulls together at AMC HQ. “IT’S FREE ADVERTISING!” we like to imagine them yelling at drooling execs wearing lobster bibs.* So the accounts have been reactivated, and until @Glen_Bishop writes a post about how @Don_Draper “was touching me in funny places,” the Mad Men Twitter Wars seem to be resolved. Good work, Internet!

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*Woody’s right, they’re still funny!

‘Mad Men’ Twitter Wars End Peacefully