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Mark Wahlberg’s Career Will Be Different Now That He’s Done ‘Max Payne’

The right Mark Wahlberg.Photo: Getty Images

“I remember The Happening had just came out and I walked into the editing room with it, the looping stage with John [Moore, director] and he showed me some shit and I was just fucking screaming with excitement. I was so happy that my career was saved. My life, my credibility, my ability to walk down the street was in a hood again … I was fucking screaming at the top of my lungs for like five fucking minutes.” Mark Wahlberg compares the video-game adaptation Max Payne to The Happening [Moviehole]

“If you ask Judd [Apatow], he sees this as an anti-weed movie. I don’t know what movie he’s watching. I can’t imagine any outcome for this movie other than people watching it and wanting to smoke weed.” Seth Rogen on Pineapple Express [A.V. Club]

“The whole time Bob and I were doing Full House, he was also hosting America’s Funniest Videos. His entire job consisted of saying ‘Take a look at this,’ which is what he used to say to Mary-Kate in her dressing room.” John Stamos, roasting Bob Saget [USAT]

“If this record doesn’t sell, I’m kind of screwed. I don’t know if I can ever do this again — this might be my last record if it doesn’t get some attention or doesn’t pay off in some way. Now I’m just hoping I can get some choice licenses — I’m actually praying to get my song on a car commercial or something — movies or TV. That’s the only way for someone like me to make music these days.” Juilana Hatfield hopes that the iPod marketing people are listening [PopMatters]

“It’s just silly because … the way people are talking about it you’d think it was … a Bertolucci movie or something. People are saying, ‘It’s Woody Allen’s steamiest movie.’ I’m thinking, ‘Woody Allen’s steamiest WHAT’?” Scarlett Johansson hasn’t seen the trailer to Vicky Cristina Barcelona [AP via Yahoo]

Mark Wahlberg’s Career Will Be Different Now That He’s Done ‘Max Payne’