Oasis Not Properly Engaged in Beef With Jay-Z

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1. Oasis, “The Shock of the Lightning”

The first single from Oasis since the Internet debut of Hova’s “Jockin’ Jay-Z” has no rhymes, disses, or beats to speak of. Where’s the beef, Noel? [The Pop Cop]

2. Los Campesinos!, “How I Taught Myself to Scream”
What Los Campesinos! learned to scream on this unreleased track from the sessions from their spring release was “We don’t get tired, only tired of you.” We certainly aren’t tired of them, which is a good thing, because they have another record coming out in October. [Stereogum]

3. Ice Cube feat. Young Jeezy, “I Got My Locs on”
Given Cube’s recent proclivity for cheesy family comedies, we thought the title was “I Got My Crocs on” when we first saw it. Fortunately, this blunted new track is more street than that, but only just barely. [Sit Down Stand Up]

4. Peter Bjorn and John, “Inland Empire”
PB&J no longer care about the young folks on this track from their new instrumental album, which trades catchy whistling and cute boy-girl vocals for screechy sax and atmospheric piano. [Sound Bites]

5. Okkervil River, “Bruce Wayne Campbell Interviewed on the Roof of The Chelsea Hotel, 1979”
In this second track leaked from Okkervil River’s upcoming album (the companion to The Stage Names), singer Will Sheff channels Bruce Wayne Campbell, the glam rocker who starred in Hair. No word yet on whether Sheff will be seen in the altogether in Central Park this summer. [Covert Curiosity] —Ehren Gresehover

Oasis Not Properly Engaged in Beef With Jay-Z