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Paul W.S. Anderson Realizes Too Late What Is Missing From ‘Death Race’

Courtesy of Universal

“But there are aspects to the first movie that we haven’t really addressed in this movie. For example, in the first movie, you run people down for points. In this movie, certainly lots of people get run down, you just don’t score points. If we did do another movie, I would like to address that.” Paul W.S. Anderson on what we can expect in a Death Race sequel [MTV]

“I was such a huge Six Feet Under fan — I mean, my cellphone ring was the theme song, so I had to change it when I got cast in the pilot because how embarrassing would that be!” Julie Benz on working with Michael C. Hall in Dexter [Pop Wrap/NYP]

“I’m gonna be 24 this year. It’s a progressive age, 24. I was finding myself and finding out the things that needed to be done as far as my career, what needed to be done. Certain moves. I feel like now I’m in a really great place. Cutting my hair, I feel like I’m going to another level. Cutting my hair was a step for me.” Omarion [MTV]

“If this record flops, I’ll probably go back to school. I’ve always liked architecture.” Lily Allen [Paper via PR-Inside]

“I sleep well at night. I’m doing this so I don’t have to get a proper job. I just hope I don’t get found out.” Kevin Smith [Guardian]

Paul W.S. Anderson Realizes Too Late What Is Missing From ‘Death Race’