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The Justice League Movie: Back On, for Some Reason!

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Despite a huge list of setbacks — including a crappy cast of unknowns, funding problems, widespread Vulture disinterest, and the fact that it’s been shelved for months since the writers’ strike — the long-troubled Justice League of America movie seems to be limping its way closer to actual existence, not that anyone’s been wondering.

/Film’s Peter Sciretta reported yesterday that he’d heard DC Comics is “hot to get some projects on the fast track” following the success of Marvel’s Iron Man and that the movie “might not be as dead as everyone first believed” (and hoped). Now, in a story in Australia’s Herald Sun about Megan Gale, the unfamous actress inexplicably selected to play Wonder Woman, JLA director George Miller has confirmed that shooting will indeed begin next year, though production — once set for Australia — has been “moved offshore” (probably for tax reasons). This is bad news for movie fans and terrible news for Armie Hammer, the movie’s Bruce Wayne, who now has only a few short months to perfect his growly Batman voice.

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The Justice League Movie: Back On, for Some Reason!