Thom and Jonny Cover Neil

Photo: Getty Images

1. Radiohead, “Tell Me Why” (Neil Young Cover)

Thom Yorke covers fellow citizen of the British Commonwealth (and falsetto singer) Neil Young at the Hollywood Bowl. [Gorilla Vs. Bear]

2. Alpinekat, “The Large Hadron Rap”
For reasons unknown, Alpinekat (a.k.a. science writer Katherine McAlpine) raps about the world’s largest particle accelerator, currently under construction in Switzerland. [Fong Songs]

3. Beck feat. Jay Reatard, “Gamma Ray (Pocket Mix)”
Pocket mashes up Beck’s original (off his new full-length) with a cover version by his rock-moppet successor, Jay Reatard. With pleasant results. [Stereogum]

4. T.I. feat. Rihanna, “Livin’ My Life”
On this new track, T.I. advises us to ignore haters “until they fade away.” Unfortunately, the summer is fading away too quickly for what would otherwise be a promising candidate for song of the summer. [Pretty Much Amazing]

5. French Horn Rebellion, “Up All Night”
Perhaps angered by Allan Kozinn’s attack in the Times, the French Horns have apparently decided to fight back, though this sunny electro-pop song doesn’t seem very dangerous. [Hot Biscuits]

Thom and Jonny Cover Neil