TV on the Radio Triumph Over Terrible Pun

Photo: Michael Malfer/Retna

1. TV on the Radio, “Dancing Choose”

Tunde Adebimpe channels Rob Base as much as Billy Joel on this new track from their upcoming record, with results that are good enough for us to excuse the god-awful pun in the title. [Pretty Much Amazing]

2. Lou Reed feat. Antony Hegarty, “Caroline Says, Pt. II”
Antony (sans Johnsons) enhances Reed’s terminal crustiness with some welcome grace notes on this performance from his 2006 show at St. Anne’s Warehouse, soon to see release as both an album and a documentary by Julian Schnabel. [Pitchfork]

3. AC/DC, “Rock ‘N Roll Train”
Pterodactyl-voiced Brian Johnson screeches about how this train is “running right off the tracks,” which gives you an idea of what a disaster this new song is. [AC/DC]

4. 88-Keys feat. Kanye West, “Stay Up (Viagra)”
See, Kanye has this, um, friend who can’t, you know, “stay up.” The limp beats and flaccid horn sample here probably aren’t going to be of much help. [Jump the Turnstyle]

5. The Pipettes, “The Shoe That Fits”
The Pipettes wear a hole in the central metaphor of this vocal-only mix of a brand-new song. Let’s hope the finished version is a bit more wearable. [Zeon’s Music Blog]

TV on the Radio Triumph Over Terrible Pun