We All Scream for Of Montreal

Photo: Michael Didyoung / Retna

1. Of Montreal, “Id Engager”

We heard screaming all through this new disco jam from Of Montreal, some of which came from the golden throat of Kevin Barnes — but most of it was us, screaming in giddy anticipation for their upcoming album Skeletal Lampin. [Pitchfork]

2. Rick Springfield, “What’s Victoria’s Secret”
Almost 30 years later, Springfield (on the verge of turning 60) trades Jesse’s girl for another unrequited crush, but everything else is pretty much the same, including the opening guitar line. [Popdose]

3. Re-Up Gang, “My Life’s the Shit”
What is unexpected about this new track from the Clipse/Re-Up Gang empire is the string-heavy mix and a brief French lesson. What isn’t is that it’s totally awesome. [XXL Mag]

4. Kevin Drew, “Summer Time Dues”
Perhaps spurred to action by all the other Broken Social Scene alums releasing solo material over the past few months, Drew decides to pay his own “Summer Time Dues” by releasing this stately, wistful ode to loose ends. [RCRDLBL]

5. Chris Cornell, “Ground Zero”
“Ground Zero” is an appropriate title for this disastrous mix of strings, scratching, cut-rate Timbaland beats, and Chris Cornell, the only thing wrong with the last Bond movie. [Viva La Mainstream] —Ehren Gresehover

We All Scream for Of Montreal