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Week in Review: Guess Which Stories Were Made Up!

In these slower-than-slow final weeks of August, during which the American media focus its exclusive attention on the political conventions and allows its entertainment writers to publish all the ridiculous nonsense they want, it can be hard to distinguish between the factual reports and the made-up ones. Can you guess which of this week’s top stories were total fabrications?

1. Aaron Sorkin and Scott Rudin are making a Facebook movie.

2. Radiohead tried to get McCain elected.

3. Even its director hates Vin Diesel’s new movie.

4. Cher will play Catwoman in the next Batman sequel.

5. Woody Allen is still funny.

6. Terrence Howard’s album is subpar.

7. Brett Ratner wants to do a Guitar Hero movie.

8. Todd Solondz is making a sequel to Happiness.

9. United Artists is being sued for dropping Nazis out of a truck.

10. Esteemed Vulture editor Dan Kois is riding off into the sunset.

Answer: They’re all totally true, except for the thing about Cher. Happy Labor Day, everybody! We’ll be back on Tuesday!

Week in Review: Guess Which Stories Were Made Up!