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Woody Allen Doesn’t Think You’re Mean or Stupid

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“My films are misinterpreted all the time. I don’t mind that. Everybody’s films are misinterpreted. But there’s no malice or stupidity in the people that misinterpret them.” Woody Allen makes us feel better about misinterpreting Vicky Cristina Barcelona as hot [A.V. Club]

“In Israel it’s like Star Wars, the first Star Wars, not the crap recent ones. If there is a cinematic corporal punishment, and God knows people want me to have it but Lucas himself should get it, he should be beheaded for those last three movies. I don’t care if I piss off George Lucas, he probably doesn’t know who I am.” Rob Schneider compares You Don’t Mess With the Zohan to Star Wars [Movies.ie]

“It could be good. Or it will suck terribly.” Brian Austin Green on the new 90210 [Newsroom Blog/MTV]

“I know and love the Velvet Revolver guys but there is no truth to the story about me joining their band.” Lenny Kravitz [Rolling Stone]

“I remember one time this lady came up to me and said ‘I’m not gonna see your movie but my friend said it was good.’ And I was like ‘OK why can’t you see it again?’ and she said, ‘Oh I read that it wasn’t very good’ and I said, ‘What about your friend’ and she was like, ‘Yeah she’s not that smart.’” Adam Sandler [Starpulse]

Woody Allen Doesn’t Think You’re Mean or Stupid