Ani DiFranco Rocks for Traditional Values

Bill Durgin’s Cyc-15 (2008).

1. Ani DiFranco, “Emancipated Minor”
DiFranco’s latest single is a disco track about family values. Yeah, you read that right. [Anyone’s Guess]

2. Stars, “Undertow”
Don’t let the typically smooth, placid surface of this new Stars track fool you; the deep end that kicks in halfway through will sweep you away. [Cannibal Cheerleader]

3. Amanda Palmer, “Amanda Arranges a Breakfast Summit With Liz Phair, Björk, Tori Amos, Courtney Love, Pink and Avril to Hear Their Individual Reflections on Signing to a Major Label”
Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer writes some of the biggest female personalities in rock into a song in which they can agree on only one thing — “take the money and run.” [Umbilical Chord]

4. Big Gipp, “Hot (Klever Remix)”
While Big Gipp hasn’t been hot in quite a while, but this dance remix definitely breaks a sweat. [Discobelle]

5. OJAYZIS, “99 Supersonic Problems”
Producer Cookin’ Soul tries to make Jay-Z and Noel Gallagher play nice by mashing them up together on this track, which is taken from an entire album of such inane remixes. [Are You Gene Hackman]

Ani DiFranco Rocks for Traditional Values