‘ANTM’ Takes Lovelies Closer to Fame, in Hollywood

In the course of ten cycles, madwoman Tyra Bank’s reality show has produced a grand total of zero supermodels. But the show’s appeal is in the transformation of fourteen more or less average girls via a fabulous after-school-special format — the show preaches tolerance (as much as it does a fierce model walk) by selecting girls with major “issues,” like crackhead parents, Asperger’s syndrome, a size 10 waistline. This season’s cause célèbre is Isis, a 22-year-old male-to-female transgender contestant from Maryland. And it’s filmed in Hollywood, which will at least put the girls in closer proximity to fame.

America’s Next Top Model

Cycle 11 premiere


Sept. 3

8 p.m.

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‘ANTM’ Takes Lovelies Closer to Fame, in Hollywood