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Bill O’Reilly Still Bitter About Final Episode of ‘Seinfeld’


The final episode of Seinfeld, which aired over ten years ago, is widely considered to be among the biggest disappointments in television history, and one of the worst episodes in the acclaimed series’ nine-season run. So what happened? According to Bill O’Reilly, who wrote about the botched finale in his latest book, A Bold Fresh Piece Of Humanity, the blame can be pinned entirely on the liberal media. Who else, right? As O’Reilly sees it, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David intentionally wrecked the final episode to spite the press. (O’Reilly believes the same is true of David Chase’s conclusion to The Sopranos.)

Even if this is true — and, well, it’s not — it’s a bit difficult to understand just what this has to do with liberal politics, unless you equate anything bad in the media with liberalism. It’s also a bit difficult to understand why in God’s name O’Reilly is ranting about this stuff ten years later. Even we’re over it at this point.

So what would Bill have preferred as the end of Seinfeld? Well, a sentimental-clip show full of bloopers, of course! In other words, the thing that ran for an hour just before the actual finale.

You Know Who Ruined the ‘Seinfeld’ Finale? The Liberal Media! [TV Squad]

Bill O’Reilly Still Bitter About Final Episode of ‘Seinfeld’