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But Soft, Yon Kenneth Branagh Doth Direct ‘Thor’

Thou has Thor, if thou hast Thor

Entire Internet Says WTF: Sorry D.J. Caruso, but it looks like you might not get to cast Shia LaBeouf in Thor, because that dubious honor belongs to, uh, Kenneth Branagh? Best known for directing a bunch of Shakespeare (Hamlet, Henry V), and best loved by us for helming 1991’s Dead Again, he seems like an odd choice who pretty much guarantees the movie will be a historical epic. But is this really any stranger than studios plucking one-time indie directors like Chris Nolan and Jon Favreau? You’re damn right it is, because of two little things called Insomnia and Elf. [Variety]

Paramount Marvels at Success: As it so often happens after making two summer blockbusters, Marvel has upgraded and extended their deal with Paramount, ensuring Thor and Iron Man 2 and 3 will have distribution. “Through our experience on Iron Man, Paramount has demonstrated a passion and ability to release Marvel properties theatrically,” says Marvel chairman David Maisel. Why do we somehow feel like he’s blaming Sony for the Spiderman 3 dance sequence? [Variety]

Not Without My KiKi: Before Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire confirmed their involvement in Spiderman 4, Kirsten Dunst had been awfully quiet about her interest in the sequel. Now that the pieces are coming together, she tells MTV that she’s “in,” which is totally awesome news for people who love boring subplots! [MTV]

Dekker wants to be Fame-ous: Thomas Dekker, of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, is in talks to play Marco in MGM’s Fame remake. He’ll play one of thousands of hopefuls competing to get into the high-profile New York public school for the arts, and, judging by the YouTube videos, he was one of millions of teens trying to get cast in this movie. [HR]

Panabaker a Prodigy: Danielle Panabaker (Sky High, Shark) will play the female lead in Prodigy, the Chuck Russell-directed story of an elite prep school that turns teenagers into geniuses through a brutal training program, and what happens when several alumni turn up dead. Dead bodies! That’s scarier than her normal Disney fare; solving this mystery might be a little harder for her than surviving the suburbs. [HR]

But Soft, Yon Kenneth Branagh Doth Direct ‘Thor’