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Charlize Theron Offers Spirited Defense of ‘Reindeer Games’

Michael Krebber’s Bruce Jones (2008).

“You can tell me right now to my face that Reindeer Games was a piece of shit. That’s totally fine. But The Hills is about nothing.” Charlize Theron [MTV]

“At one point, Uncle Vernon was speaking, and so the text said, ‘Uncle Vernon ejaculated. That’s actually a good speech verb. It means you spit something out very fast.” Cheryl Klein, continuity editor of the Harry Potter series, is sick of your American snickering at a perfectly good word [MTV]

“The original germ of the idea comes from a note that Dave [Sitek] wrote in the studio that said, ‘Dear Science, please start solving problems and curing diseases or shut the fuck up.’” Kyp Malone on TV on the Radio’s new album, Dear Science [Gothamist]

“All the English guys love that shit, but I kinda rejected it all my life because it was my own sound. I think I probably have, as a singer, more of an inherent country voice than I would ever like to imagine I did.” Chrissie Hynde [Reuters]

“As it happens, we have found ourselves in the rather Bush-y position of being more popular in the United States than in the UK. When I say ‘Bush-y’ I’m referring of course to Gavin Rossdale’s 90’s grunge-lite outfit, not the universally unpopular presidents of the same name. And by ‘Bush-y position’ I mean our popularity among the music buying public in the US. Not kneeling behind Gwen Stefani, pumping like mad.” —Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchinson [Guardian]

Charlize Theron Offers Spirited Defense of ‘Reindeer Games’