‘Entourage’: Desperate Times Call for You Know What

The taste of her plastic doll-face…

Vince recognizes his lowered place in the Hollywood firmament, Eric learns that success and loyalty might not go together, and Drama sinks further into his broken-hearted alcoholic haze: Episode four, “Fire Sale,” was stingy with its pleasures, reminding us why Entourage is the show we can’t stop watching–slash–can’t stop hating ourselves for watching!

Drama lets his co-stars goad him into tearfully venting his sob story to Whoopi and Elisabeth on The View, but when he drunkenly strips down, throws his pants out of a limo window, and gets arrested, it’s nowhere near as fun to watch as you’d think that would be. Ari’s only battles this episode are a bit of ineffectual smack talk with Eric and getting bullied by a studio boss. His best bad line (“Lloyd! Good news: Vince will have a new movie poster for you to whack off to soon”) is trumped by Shauna’s (“Do you think they’ll love whacking onto [Drama’s] mug shot as well?”).

Eric’s attempts to secure a deal for his bullets-and-babes-loving new clients’ script, and to make a starring role for Vince part of the package, show off the guys’ brotherly love. At every step, E checks in with his boy, and each time an understanding Vince tells Eric that he should do what he needs to do. It looks like things are working out when Ari brokers a studio deal that will get Smoke Jumpers’ screenwriters half a million and give work-starved Vince the second lead. When the Ed Norton camp offers more money, things look even better — except Norton’s getting the cash from the producer of Aquaman, who won’t want to cast Vince. Unless Eric can work some magic, we suspect that things won’t be so warm and fuzzy between him and Vince next episode. And we’re looking forward to it.

‘Entourage’: Desperate Times Call for You Know What