Estelle Miraculously Survives Sean Paul Remix

Campbell (left) with outgoing director Philippe de Montebello.

1. Estelle feat. Sean Paul, “Come Over (Remix)”
On this new remix, Sean Paul tells Estelle that, metaphorically speaking, he wants her to “press gas” and “don’t bother with the clutch.” Luckily, he’s a better rude boy than he is a driving instructor. [Mixtape Maestro]

2. Britt Daniel, “Who Backs Your Money?”
Daniel took the stage at Portland’s Musicfest NW with Janet Weiss to unveil what we guess is a new Spoon song. It’s not bad! [Fuel Friends]

3. Deerhoof, “Gut Symmetries” (Parenthetical Girls cover)
Gut symmetry is an expression in physics used when all the parts of the universe are in harmony (or something). Listening to this “cover” (they kept the vocal track), we can’t quite imagine why they’d have called it that. [Pitchfork]

4. Tokyo Police Club, “Juno (Ra Ra Riot/Andrew Maury Remix)”
It’s not often that police are happy when a riot materializes, but it’s hard to imagine them being upset by this particularly cool remix. [I Guess I’m Floating]

5. The Widow Babies, “Mike Watt Created the Universe With a Bass Solo”
“There are no mothers and there are no fathers” for the Widow Babies, but supervision would only get in the way of the riotous racket on this tribute to the legendary bassist. [Einstein Music Journal]

Estelle Miraculously Survives Sean Paul Remix