Fall Out Boy Not Overly Concerned About Their Lameness

1. Fall Out Boy, “I Don’t Care”
On this new track, Patrick Stump sings, “I don’t care what you think about me, as long as it’s about me,” which makes us feel less guilty for thinking about how boring it is. [Viva La Mainstream]

2. Drake feat. Lil Wayne, “Ransom”
Toronto-based Drake makes a foreigner’s mistake, name-dropping beloved Crips children’s program Blue’s Clues in front of his Bloods-affiliated guest. [White Folks Get Crunk]

3. Lil Wayne feat. MF Doom, “A Milli (Mike Waxx Remix)”
Weezy actually sounds like a millionaire on this remix, in which Waxx replaces the sludgy vocal sample in the original with some of Doom’s noir soundtrack bombast. [Umbilical Chord]

4. Reefer, “May Baleen”
Nick Thorburn is addicted to nautical puns, as his new band’s name, this first single, and the name of their album (The Life Narcotic) all show, but based on the strength of this track and his work in Islands and Unicorns, he’s also got a thing for making great music. [Pitchfork]

5. Crazy P, “Love on the Line (Unabombers Vocal Mix)”
Crazy Penis failed to improve their name by shortening it to Crazy P, but they definitely succeeded in throwing together a great slab of disco on this first track off their new record, to be released in October. [Get Weird Turn Pro]

Fall Out Boy Not Overly Concerned About Their Lameness