‘Hari Puttar’ Fans, Rejoice!

Michael Krebber’s Bruce Jones (2008).

The Delhi High Court has ruled that the vile dementors — er, lawyers — at Warner Brothers can’t touch Hari Puttar, the Bollywood film about a boy named Hari whose dorky father calls him “Hari Puttar” (“Puttar” means “son” in Punjabi). WB first tipped the sacred cow of justice when they panicked that consumers would confuse Hari Puttar with the “well-known and well-loved Harry Potter brand,” but the judge ruled that confusion was unlikely, basically saying that kids who read Harry Potter aren’t morons.

The movie, which was originally slated for release on September 12, will open this Friday. With their legal hurdles safely cleared, Mirchi Movies, HP’s distributor, immediately green-lighted six sequels: Hari Puttar and the Chomper of Seek Rats, Hari Puttar and the Prisoner of Ajerbijan, Hari Puttar and the Goblin Afire, Hari Puttar and the Border of the Kleenex, Hari Puttar and the Half-Butt Prints, and Hari Puttar and the Deadly Shallows. (Spoiler alert: Frud Beazlie dies!)

Warner Bros. ‘Hary Puttar’ Suit Thrown Out [HR]

‘Hari Puttar’ Fans, Rejoice!