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Vulture’s ‘Inglorious Bastards’ Casting Scorecard

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With shooting for Quentin Tarantino’s ensemble WWII epic, Inglorious Bastards, scheduled to begin in October — and just eight and a half months until the movie’s promised screening at 2009’s Cannes Film Festival — casting news has been trickling in daily for the past few weeks. Which roles have been filled? Which ones are still open? And when will Quentin find a suitable Hitler? After the jump, with the help of the screenplay, we break it down for all the film’s major-ish speaking parts — in eye-pleasing chart form! And check back later for updates!

Role (listed in order of appearance)


Perrier LaPadite A French dairy farmer hiding a Jewish family. Not yet cast.
Colonel Hans Landa ("The Jew Hunter") A Nazi officer in charge of rounding up Jews in Germany-occupied France. The film's primary villain (not counting Hitler, we guess).

Christoph Waltz
Shoshanna Dreyfus The movie's female lead, a French Jewish girl who flees the Nazis as a teenager and later inherits a Parisian movie theater. Not yet cast.
Lieutenant Aldo Raine A "hillbilly from the mountains of Tennessee" who leads a team of eight Jewish American soldiers ("The Bastards"). His "defining physical characteristic" is a "rope burn around his neck."

Brad Pitt
Adolf Hitler Der Führer. Not yet cast. (Please let it be Tom Cruise doing another Sumner Redstone impression.)
Private Butz A Nazi soldier captured by the Bastards. Not yet cast.
Sergeant Werner Rachtman Another Nazi soldier captured by the Bastards. Not yet cast.
Private First Class Utivich A Bastard nicknamed "The Little One."

B.J. Novak

Sergeant Donny Donowitz ("The Bear Jew") A Bastard famous for beating Nazis to death with a baseball bat.

Eli Roth
Sergeant Hugo Stiglitz An ex–German soldier recruited by the Bastards for his exceptional Nazi-killing abilities. Not yet officially cast, though we bet it's Til Schweiger or Daniel Brühl, both of whom have been cast in unspecified roles.
Private First Class Hirschberg Another Bastard. Not yet cast, though it's probably either Paul Rust or Samm Levine, both of whom have signed on for unspecified parts.
Marcel The French black projectionist in Shoshanna's movie theater. Not yet cast.
Madame Mimieux An "attractive-looking French woman," the original owner of Shoshanna's movie theater. Not yet cast.
Fredrick Zoller A Nazi war "hero," "The German Sgt. York." Not yet cast, though it could totally be Daniel Brühl if he's not playing Stiglitz.
Joseph Goebbels The Nazi party's propaganda minister. Not yet cast.
Francesca Mondino Goebbels's translator and mistress. Not yet cast.
Major Deiter Hellstorm A Gestapo officer. Not yet cast.
Lieutenant Archie Hicox A "snappy handsome British Lieutenant," described as "a young George Sanders type."

Michael Fassbender
General Ed Fenech A British general, described as "an older George Sanders type."

Mike Myers
Winston Churchill The jowly British prime minister. Not yet cast.
Bridget Von Hammersmark A German actress and double agent for the British.

Diane Kruger
Sergeant Wilhelm Wicki A Nazi soldier. Not yet cast.

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