Jay-Z’s Singing Voice About As Bad As You’d Expect

“Woman, get a grip on yourself! I don’t know what will happen on Lost — we’re on a completely different show!”

1. Raphael Saadiq feat. Jay-Z, “Oh Girl (Remix)”
Jay-Z sings! Sort of! [You, Me and Everyone]

2. Basement Jaxx feat. Devonte Hynes, “My Turn”
Lately it seems like it’s always Hynes’s turn (as Lightspeed Champion, he’s performed with just about everyone), but we’ll allow it since this is a great song. [JP’s Blog]

3. Madlib feat. Guilty Simpson, “Go!”
On this tense teaser from Madlib’s new record, Simpson rattles off a quick list of felonies before saying, “I pray to God my lifestyle escapes hell.” Perhaps he should’ve picked a less incriminating moniker. [Jump the Turnstyle]

4. Ladyhawke, “My Delirium”
On this track off her upcoming debut, Ladyhawke says “I’m outta my head and outta my self-control,” which is pretty much how we feel about this track. [Ohh! Crapp]

5. Bloc Party, “Talons”
If you didn’t like the songs on the digital release, then this catchy track — streaming on their Website and to be released as a bonus on the physical edition of the record — might have your number. [8/1]

Jay-Z’s Singing Voice About As Bad As You’d Expect