Kanye Gets Stumped

“Say, do you hear running water?”

1. Patrick Stump, “Love Lockdown” (Kanye West cover)
Fall Out Boy’s vocalist spent a few minutes before his morning coffee recording this decent cover of Kanye’s new single on his laptop. He didn’t even need to use Auto-Tune! [We Like It Indie]

2. Britney Spears, “Womanizer”
This new track’s not bad, but we can’t wait for someone to remix the Dr. Who theme song out of the background. [Ohh! Crapp]

3. Little Boots, “Meddle (Designer Drugs 80s Coke Jam Remix)”
Designer Drugs may have lost the recent Mariah Carey remix contest, but they’ve Archuleta-ed their way into our hearts, and this leg-warmer-friendly remix of Little Boots could have you high-kicking all over the place. [Hot Biscuits]

4. Eddie Vedder, “Hurt” (Nine Inch Nails cover)
Vedder’s no Kermit, but he still did a decent version of “Hurt” when he came through Chicago recently. [Fuel Friends]

5. Playdoe, “Pop Like This”
South Africa’s Playdoe like keep things old school, like when you turned a cardboard box into a robot costume in third grade to rock out to Newcleus. [First Up!]

Kanye Gets Stumped