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Kat Dennings: Budding Screenwriter

Jimmy Barrett just cracks them up.

“There was no dialogue for me, and director Peter Sollett told me, ‘Just say something awesome before you do it!’ So I said, ‘Let’s dance, douchebag!’ and punched poor Michael. And it’s in the final version of the movie. I’m ecstatic!” Kat Dennings on her contribution to the script for Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist [NYP]

“Funny enough, the original title of the script was Windshield Wiper Man. That was just enough to make me not read it. For almost two months, it sat on my desk.” Greg Kinnear on playing the lead role in Flash of Genius [LAT]

“Like a fool I let ‘em come to my house and I said, ‘Anything you want, you get it.’ And they took damn near everything except the house — and me.” B.B. King on donating memorabilia to the B.B. King Museum [LAT]

“The day we wrapped, he said, ‘All right, I’ve played my last idiot.’ So we told him it was sad that he wouldn’t be working with us anymore.” Ethan Coen on George Clooney finishing his “trilogy of idiots” for the Coen brothers [NYP]

ET was a much better piece of cinema than Gandhi, but I made important films.” Richard Attenborough [Guardian]

Kat Dennings: Budding Screenwriter