Leaked MGM Memo: Everyone Loves the ‘Valkyrie’ Trailer!

We hear he’s still casting his black Kate Moss tonight.

According to an internal MGM memo leaked by Nikki Finke, we’re all very, very excited about Tom Cruise’s forthcoming Nazi movie, Valkyrie. The memo, which was clearly written by a digital-marketing employee who conducted all of his research using some bizarro version of the Internet, states that a “favorable tone dominates trailer buzz” within “Entertainment, Fan-Boy, Video Sharing, Social Networks, Social Bookmarks, and Fan communities,” and that a mere 5 percent of discussion of the movie found throughout the Web can be considered unfavorable. Granted, not one of the several highly enthusiastic quotes in the document has an actual source — but let’s not kill all that buzz with annoying little details.

Despite the relentlessly positive tone of the memo, there is a small bit of negativity. Near the end, the writer warns that the lack of German accents in the film is “still an issue,” though some unnamed supporters are said to believe that the inclusion of the accents would make the movie appear “cheesy.” Though this seems like a clear case of an employee dealing with office politics or a studio ignoring a harsh reality, we’re open to the possibility that maybe we’ve just been focusing all of our attention on the 5 percent of the Internet that’s full of jerks who aren’t exactly optimistic about the quality of a movie starring Tom Cruise as a Nazi protagonist.

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Leaked MGM Memo: Everyone Loves the ‘Valkyrie’ Trailer!