New Journey Singer Stops Believin’

He was alone, he never knew…

Arnel Pineda, the current front man for Journey, got his gig when members of the classic rock band found video of him singing with his cover band in the Philippines, and knocking out renditions of hits such as “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “Faithfully” in a voice that precisely emulated the range and timbre of their departed vocalist Steve Perry. In landing the job, he basically found himself living out a fantasy, or at the very least, the real-life version of a lame movie starring Mark Wahlberg. And yet? Pineda’s dream has become a nightmare.

In the new issue of Rolling Stone, Pineda moans about the realities of being at the center of Journey’s intense, lucrative touring schedule. According to the singer, “There are days I just break down and cry. This is a job I’m doing for my family. That’s all the consolation I’m getting.” Though he later makes a point of mentioning that it’s a “fantastic job,” it’s difficult to read the article without getting a sad, sinking feeling and wondering if it’s possible for anyone to be totally happy, living in this lonely world — even if they obviously have the best luck ever. Thanks for bumming us out, Arnel.

Sad ‘Journey’ for New Singer [Rolling Stone]

New Journey Singer Stops Believin’