New Travis Song Rocks in Completely Nonspecific Way

1. Travis, “Something Anything”
Travis trades their U2 and Byrds records for an edgier, more modern sound, looking for “something, anything just to keep [them] breathing for a moment longer.” We like it. [I Hope Your Ears Bleed]

2. Ludacris feat. Floyd Mayweather, “Undisputed”
Luda’s back with this punchy new track, in which he kicks it middle-school style by vowing to “back the PaRappa’s back on one knee like they about to run the 100-meter dash.” [You, Me & Everyone]

3. Salem, “Dirt”
One of 2008’s buzziest acts will bring you down in a hurry with “Dirt.” If you watch the accompanying video, you’ll wish you were buried under it. [Stereogum]

4. Fuck Buttons, “Mogwai Fear Satan” (Mogwai cover)
We’re not sure if Mogwai managed to put the fear of the devil into their opening act, Fuck Buttons, but they apparently made enough of an impression that they capably covered this Mogwai standard for a tour-only EP. [The Sound of Marching Feet]

5. Tender Forever, “My Love” (Justin Timberlake cover)
Portland’s Tender Forever is bringing wistful back with this heartbreaking cover of a JT song. [You, Me and Everyone]

New Travis Song Rocks in Completely Nonspecific Way