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Noel Gallagher Inadvertently Invents Awesome New Genre of Video Games

Bill Durgin’s Cyc-15 (2008).

“If it puts little plastic guitars into kids’ hands and fires their imaginations, I think that’s a good thing. It’s harmless fun, innit. I’d rather that genre of video games than somebody getting their fucking head chopped off with a samurai sword while getting fucked by a goblin up the arse with a laser. Do you know what I mean?” Noel Gallagher on Guitar Hero [Music Radar via Kotaku]

“I’ll never forget watching a woman lose her mind in a subway station because the train was delayed. I vowed that I would never let myself become that woman. I think it only took a year before I was swearing violently at the empty tracks.” Kristen Schaal [Gothamist]

30 Rock is a really funny show. And Alec Baldwin is funny as long as someone else is writing his words. When left to his own devices, he sounds like a psychotic narcissist who whines about being rich for 8 pages in The New Yorker.” Greg Garcia [Defamer]

“I do have a dream about winning [for best series] in Season 10 after losing nine seasons in a row.” Doug Ellin threatens us with six more seasons of Entourage [LAT]

“When we began, I assumed it’d take a miracle. There’s not a huge talent pool of 18-year-olds who look 13 and Middle Eastern who can carry a movie. I just assumed we’d have to scour the globe (but) Summer was living in Pasadena!” Alan Ball on casting the role of Jasira in Towelhead [Reuters]

Noel Gallagher Inadvertently Invents Awesome New Genre of Video Games