Oasis Outsource Promotion of New Album

Edwin Cohen’s The rain reveals the hidden names of flowers (2008).

1. Dagmar, “Get Off Your High Horse, Lady” (Oasis cover)
To advertise their forthcoming album, Dig Out Your Soul, Oasis hired subway musicians to play its songs for disinterested commuters. This acoustic duo isn’t bad, but we’d have much preferred they get one of those pan-flute guys. [Stereogum]

2. Jem, “Aciiid!”
Welsh singer Jemma Griffith releases her first album in four years tomorrow, and this new song more than earns the exclamation point in its title. [Bringer of Soul]

3. Los Campesinos!, “You’ll Need All Those Fingers for Crossing”
Gareth Campesinos! sings “we’ll laugh and we’ll choke,” but they don’t on this track from the band’s new record, We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, their second full-length in six months. [Pop Tarts Suck Toasted]

4. Antony and the Johnsons, “The Great White Ocean”
Prada hired Antony (and his magnificent Johnsons) to score a short film featuring their product. And he’s done a very nice job. [Pitchfork]

5. Jonathan Davis feat. Jim Root, “Got Money” (Lil Wayne cover)
The former lead singer of Korn recruits the guitarist from Slipknot for an ill-advised nu-metal cover of the Weezy standard. [Mixtape Maestro]

Oasis Outsource Promotion of New Album