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Owen Wilson Sucks

Aura Rosenberg’s Bird of Paradise (2002)

Drillbit Dracula: Spyglass has set Owen Wilson to star in Blood Brothers, a buddy comedy about a man and a vampire. As with all Owen Wilson comedies, we won’t know how excited to get until they announce whether his costar will be Jackie Chan, Vince Vaughn, or an adorable puppy. [Bloody Disgusting]

Faris Splits: In an interview with our friends at Moviehole, House Bunny’s Anna Faris revealed that she’s pulling out of Brian Grazer’s Linda Lovelace biopic about the making of Deep Throat, saying the role would be “a bit too heavy” for her right now. [Moviehole]

Three Joneses: David Duchovny, Demi Moore, and Amber Heard will play a fake family in The Joneses, a dramedy about a seemingly perfect family that’s actually just a marketing ploy to introduce new products to suburbia. Good lucking selling sexual satisfaction, Duchovny. [HR]

Who Watches the Watchmen’s Producers?: Apparently Alan Moore’s worst nightmare has been discussed behind closed doors, as Watchmen’s Patrick Wilson tells MTV that, in regards to a sequel, “it’s been talked about. Financially, they like to do that.” That’s crazy talk, Night Owl. Studios make sequels for the love of artistic integrity! E.g., Beverly Hills Ninja 2. [MTV]

Watson Watch, Day 23: Entertainment Weekly’s Nicole Sperling is reporting that Jude Law is the latest actor who finds himself in talks to play Dr. Watson in Guy Ritchie’s now officially titled Sherlock Holmes. Check back tomorrow and see if Law’s joined the ever-growing list of fake-Internet-Watsons that includes Russell Crowe, Colin Farrell, Tom Cruise, Dom DeLuise, Brett Favre, and Gallagher (Sherlock: “It’s elementary, my dear Watson. Wait, what are you doing?” [A watermelon SPLATS]). [Hollywood Insider/EW]

Owen Wilson Sucks