Paul Newman Dead at 83

“Don’t you dare call me ‘Mutt.’”

As you no doubt have heard by now, legendary actor Paul Newman passed away this weekend of cancer. Newman was no mere screen star; though he made more than 50 films, he also raised some $250 million for charity with his food products. We could begin to summarize the countless thoughtful obits and odes that were published in his wake, but New York’s own David Edelstein does it best:

Paul Newman has died, damn it. He was the closest thing we’ve had in a movie star to a saint — and probably he’d say that was the dumbest thing he’d ever heard, which as far as I’m concerned is more proof.

I’m not just talking about the hundreds of millions he earned for charity with his Newman’s Own products, or his persistent but judicious political activism. As an artist, he was self-deprecating, often deeply self-critical; he never assumed we’d love him because he was, you know, Paul Newman. When directors built him pedestals, he worked to earn his place on them. Early in his career, he studied the Method, but he never went in for the fumbly-mumbly self-plumbing that became its hallmark. He always threw his attention onto the other actors — which might be why, opposite him, so many became stars and won awards. Everyone looked brighter in his light.

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Paul Newman Dead at 83