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So, How Bad Will the New Season of ‘24’ Be?

Michael Thompson’s Orange Digit, New York City (1993).

Starting September 15, Jack Bauer is going to have some time on his hands — production on 24, whose seventh season supposedly begins this coming January, will be shut down until October 9 while the writing staff retools the direction of the last six episodes. For the record, this is the second time the upcoming season has undergone an overhaul: Last year, writers dropped a whole subplot that would have featured Jack Bauer hurting people in Africa (parts have been revived in 24: Redemption, the TV movie serving as a seventh-season prequel). And that was before the writer’s strike shut production down eight episodes in. So what’s wrong this time?

Apparently, executive producer Howard Gordon wasn’t happy with the direction of the season. And, because Fox had pushed the schedule back a year, the show is able to take a production break without affecting its airing schedule. But, especially coming off its underwhelming sixth season, this doesn’t sound good; considering the show’s sequential nature and the fact that they’ve already shot eighteen episodes, can the writers possibly have much leeway in reworking an ending that the show’s own executive producer thinks is crappy? We can only hope that, in a month of introspection, the writers will finally make the change that 24 fans have been clamoring for these many years: teaming up Jack Bauer with a wisecracking black kid.

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So, How Bad Will the New Season of ‘24’ Be?